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You are Here for a Reason

The reason may be that you want to become a better leader or team member. Perhaps you are simply looking for help with a particular workplace problem. If so, we should talk about how I can provide specific and practical assistance. 

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You are Here to Take Action

My early advice - before even meeting you - is to avoid procrastination. Our initial discussion will be at no charge, I'm a friendly fellow, and it can help to get another perspective on your situation. I'll look forward to providing some initial help.

Let's Work Out a Plan for You

I have advised executives, managers, and employees on sensitive issues for decades. Think of me as a seasoned guide who knows the trails, snares, and swamps that are part of every organization. Life can get tricky. When the fog moves in and the rocks become slippery and you can hear roars in the distance, it helps to have a guide. Let's develop a plan of action for you. 

Less Can Be More

The consultant

With this small firm, you don't meet an experienced consultant before being passed off to a freshly-minted MBA. You get the experienced consultant, period. Michael Wade has advised chief executive officers, Army generals, professional athletes, and first line supervisors on sensitive management issues. He began his consulting career in 1984 but served earlier as the Equal Employment Opportunity Administrator for the City of Phoenix and as the Command Equal Opportunity Officer for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command in Washington, D.C. He has had an enjoyable career with Sanders Wade Rodarte Consulting Inc. Michael has written six books. He wrote an online career advice column for U.S. News & World Report. He is also the author of the popular blog. Michael has trained leaders and managers in 48 states and Puerto Rico and holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizona College of Law. And yes, he has been interviewed on talk radio in Bogota, Colombia.

What this firm does

Management consultants can be an eccentric breed. It's a safe bet that people have a better understanding of what gardeners and carpenters do than they have of the mysterious job of management consulting. To borrow a line from a Moscow tennis club, however, a good consultant thinks like a gardener and works like a carpenter.

In other words, the goal should be to promote development and growth through the craft of fine management. 

And throughout all of this, the ultimate product is peace of mind.

The section on training and coaching will provide details on the subject areas but let me just describe what happens if you call or email. In most instances, these are the simple steps:

  1. We'll talk about what you need.
  2. We'll discuss the type of assistance Execupundit Consulting, LLC can provide.
  3. We'll determine if that might fit your needs.
  4. If so, you'll be given a proposal that will specify the services and pricing.
  5. You can then decide whether or not to proceed.

All of those steps are at no charge to you. 

If either of us decides not to proceed, we'll wish each other well and go back to life.

So call me at (602) 510-3881 or email and let's see how I may be of assistance. Action today may make a huge difference tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Michael Wade

Training and Coaching

You and your team can receive assistance on:

  • How to be a more effective leader, manager or supervisor;
  • How to communicate clearly and tactfully in a diverse workplace;
  • How to prevent EEO and harassment problems;
  • How to make ethical decisions when the choice isn't Right versus Wrong but is Right versus Right;
  • How to make effective presentations;
  • How to resolve organizational problems between departments or divisions; and
  • How to get things done!

You will receive practical advice that is easy to understand and which can be put to immediate use.

That advice can give you greater control, less stress, and a clearer perspective.

It can truly provide peace of mind.

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Upcoming events

Although most of my training is done on an in-house basis, I occasionally offer open workshops on supervision and other topics. Register below for my mailing list and I'll keep you posted on upcoming sessions. - Michael

Participants Review Michael's Classes

From reviews of a recent EEO workshop: "Instructors knowledge and experience" - "Lots of interesting cases" - "Loved that it made me think a new way" - "Instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable." - "Great discussions and case studies" - "Great session" - "Michael has an amazing amount of knowledge on all topic areas. He used real cases to help explain class points. His passion for this topic carried throughout the entire class" - "Michael Wade was fantastic and made this class very interesting!"

Upcoming Workshop

Starting in October 2018, I will be teaching a half-day workshop on Trust Skills in the Workplace. Maintaining and fostering trust are essential for teams to succeed. Contact me at for further information.

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